When stupidity overcomes innovation

July 29th, 2009 at 11:08pm dark

No innovation really reaches its goal if it must cope with an overcoming stupidity. Let me rephrase: stupiditas vincit omnia.

I’m not saying that because of a prejudice or whatever, but simply by observation. It’s 3 days now that I’m accommodated in a hotel in the Lingotto center, in Turin. The place is comfortable and the food is good; I do have to attend some pointless lessons but, never mind, there’s free Internet so… whoa! Back to the topic, the hotel is on the 4th floor and the Aula Magna is on the ground floor of the building. To complete the description, on the 1st floor there is a (huge) shopping center, while on the 2nd and 3rd ones there is some dental care association, or sort of.

There are four elevators serving this part of the building, but two of them are out of order. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if, gosh, people could actually use them. Given that there are no stairs nearby (… sort of), every time that I wish to move between the hotel and the lectures room I have to use the elevators. Every time I use them, I swear, the elevator stops at all the floors, even if there is no one waiting for it!

The mystery is solved quickly. While the users at ground and 4th floor (that, incidentally, is the last one) have no other choice than simply calling the elevator by pressing the proper button, the customers on the intermediate ones, driven mad by the two non-working lifts, press both the button to request an elevator that goes up and the one for elevators going down. Therefore, they nullify the improved algorithm (called Elevator algorithm on purpose) that privileges the users going in the same direction, also causing additional delay to the other customers because of the useless stops! If only they could think to what they’re doing, understand the instructions and read the signals!

Yeah, this is a rant, and so it should (and will) remain.

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