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The Fountain – awesome Soundtrack

Yesterday night I watched to The Fountain, the latest masterpiece by Darren Aronofsky. Technically speaking, it reaches another peak in the director’s personal story and the plot is quite interesting.

The soundtrack of this movie is simply outstanding. Clint Mansell, as in Pi and Requiem for a dream, managed to give a noticeable boost to the movie expressivity. The song that I prefer in the soundtrack album is “Death is the Road To Awe” (that follows in the “read more”):

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The time-player DJ

Nice idea and very good technical skills. Reminds me Darren Aronofsky‘s style of direction.

Source: Digg Videos

Watch the video following the link to the full article below.

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Der Fuehrer’s Face

Der Fuehrer’s Face is a propaganda cartoon featuring Donald Duck. For the final examination in the Italian superior school (actually, I’d wish to know how to call it in a internationalized name), I based on it, among the others: Education for Death and The Spirit of ’43. Thesis about propaganda, of course 😉

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Dick Cheney Ruins Easter

I’ve nothing to add to the video itself.

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GPLv3, RMS’s comments on 3rd draft

This week, Richard Stallman gave a speech in Brussels about the recently released 3rd draft of the GPLv3, focusing particularly on the Digital Restrictions Management (RMS’s meaning for DRM) and the NovellMicrosoft deal. The complete transcription of his speech can be found on the FsfEurope website.

Source: Slashdot

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Google’s new inventions: Google TiSP and Gmail Paper

We already knew about the volcanic minds of the guys working at Google HQ, but their latest inventions are really awesome. I’m pleased to introduce you to their latest ideas: Google TiSP and Gmail Paper. Details following.

Google TiSP is a (mostly) free wireless broadband service brought to you right by Google, using a not conventional medium: the sewer system. As carefully explained on their website, the subscribers will receive at home a small installation kit, including an optic fiber rope, a pair of gloves, a wireless router and an installation CD. The end user should only drop one end of the fiber into the water and flush the toilet and the so-called Plumbing Hardware Dispatchers (PHDs) will take care, in the sewers, to connect it to the global networking system. Google assures that the free version of this technology permits a 8 Mbps speed in downstream and 2 Mbps in upstream. If you’ve still some questions unsolved, give a look to the FAQ or to their official press release.

Google TiSP

Gmail paper, instead, is a service related to the widely known Google Mail offer. The new invention is that you can ask Google to print as many of your e-mail as you like and have them delivered for free at home, including attachments (if they can be printed, of course: you won’t receive a copy of audio files as they state on the linked page, but images will be printed on a high-quality, glossy photo paper). “Gmail Paper is made out of 96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum”, they say, so it won’t hurt the environment.

As a side note: have a nice day, out there, today ;).

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