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Engineer inside

Doctor: I’m afraid your son has the Knack. It’s a rare condition characterized by a extreme intuition about all things mechanical and electrical, and other… social ineptitude.
Mom: Can he live a normal life?
Doctor: No. He’ll be an engineer.

EDIT: dammit, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Sony Pictures Entertainment”

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Random quote

<Reverend> IRC is just multiplayer notepad

True story. And really funny.


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Bruno Longhi becomes a teacher

Guess what caught my attention while I was checking my mail (the one that burns, not the electronic one) in the hall of my apartment? This simple but ultimately funny advertisement was attached to the wall:


For those who can’t read Italian, or that don’t know who Bruno Longhi is: as mentioned on this page of the Italian Wikipedia, he is a TV journalist that often writes articles about the italian soccer championship. The ad promotes a self-defined course about sport journalism on TV and Bruno Longhi is its main referer.

Obviously, everyone (at least, everyone that dares to admit it) knows that he could not even be able to teach in a course: figure yourself if he can be the “didactic supervisor” (more or less, the translation for the italian “direttore didattico“) of this organization!

In the end, this is my first post in the Italian category of this blog 😉

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Rapidshare got sued

It seems that the very popular 1-click-hosting website Rapidshare raised the interest of the GEMA (Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte or, translated in English, Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights).

The Heise Online website reports that GEMA obtained an injuction against Rapidshare for having illegally allowed its users to upload content protected by copyright. The owners of the website defend themselves saying that the users upload files under their own responsability, so Rapidshare, under a legal point of view, is absolutely not guilty.

Source: Slashdot

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How to transmit data at long distances: RONJA

As I have already posted here on the NerdLinkOfTheDay blog, while wandering on the Wikipedia website, I found an interesting article called RONJA, describing how to build a LED-powered transmitter, capable of emulating a 10 Mbit full duplex Ethernet link.

Its utility is absolutely not under discussion and the authors assure that’s really easy to build, too! 🙂

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Vista limited edition

OMFG… it’s true.

At the first look, I kept staring at it for minutes. I didn’t believe that the story was true, or that someone could even think of buying that crap. What am I talking about, you say? Give a look here, for example.

And, yes, I could write posts more often, if only exams gave me a break, and someone stopped bugging me every ten seconds 🙂 .

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Firefox, Bon Echo, IceWeasel and trademark issues

Recently upgrading the mozilla-firefox package on my Gentoo box, from the version to the, I noticed that the Gentoo developers have changed the logo (new one) and the name shown on the About box: Bon Echo (which is the development name of Mozilla Firefox 2.0).

This is not a new story in the Firefox world; the mantainers of the Debian distribution, for instance, have renamed their version of Firefox to IceWeasel some time ago.

This is mainly a matter of trademark.

This topic, found on the Gentoo forums website, confirmed my assumptions. The Mozilla license allows to:

  • redistribute the official build, complete and with no edits (same name, same logo)
  • distribute unofficial sources and compiled binaries, provided that the application name and the logo are modified
  • deliver unofficial versions of Firefox, mantaining the name and/or the logo, after Mozilla’s direct approval

While the Debian developers, much more involved in the Free Software cause (IMO), decided to fork their own software (retaining, anyway, many of the features of the official version – they removed artwork and plugins classified as non-free), Gentoo mantainers changed name and logo and plan to continue to apply their own patches. A proper use flag, anyway, forces the compilation to use the old denomination and image:

www-client/mozilla-firefox:mozbranding – Enable official branding


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The difference between life and death

Sometimes, the difference between life and death is so narrow…

You stupid moron, you shouldn’t joke about that…

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Crappy programmers, untrustworthy Customer Care and laggy hardware

Yeah, sure, right now that I have the time to sit in front of my PC, I can conclude that today has been a (relatively) bad one. Damn it.

Oh, sorry, I didn’t notice you… you’re back. Howdy?

If you are wondering about what the terms in the title exactly refer to, keep reading. If, today, you are frustrated too, like a kid vainly defending his sand castle from the irreverent waves of a peaceless sea, who tries to wash away the fully-armored knights, the court ladies, the almighty king and even the infraposed, worried and almost crying obstacle, go on. Otherwise, I wish you a very good day.

  • First of all, my connection. My ISP, FastWeb, sells 10 Mbit cable connections and is well known for the quickness and ability of its call center. I’m joking. Well, maybe its customer care is a lot better than those of many other Italian ISPs, that’s true, but nevertheless I waited 3 days more than expected to see my router’s LEDs turn on again. Thanks God.
  • The authors of the theme of this blog are, simply, stupid. When I first downloaded it, I chose it because of its name (guess it :P) and its color combination (and I would still choose it). First, I played a bit with the CSS file and such… there were some corrections to be done, IMO, but none of them was substantial. Nevermind, no one is perfect. Sure, they aren’t, I realized in the afternoon. After inspecting the full code, I can only define them as crappy programmers: I’ve wasted hours adjusting sizes and dimensions, before realizing that the error was in a poorly designed PHP page. Shame on you. I could change the theme, that’s true, but now the matter is personal, this is between me and them.
  • When arrived home, I decided to install Neverwinter Nights (the first episode, not the sequel) on my Gentoo box, having in mind the wonderful hours spent playing it on Windows, on the same machine. Couldn’t be easier:

    nano -w /etc/portage/package.use

    ### add/edit the lines:

    # games-rpg/nwn hou sou
    # games-rpg/nwn-data hou nowin sou

    emerge ––sync

    emerge nwn

    ### mount CDs when requested
    ### (better, mount && export the path, before)


    I’ve played many not-so-new games on this laptop, both on windows and on Gentoo, almost always with satisfactory frame rate. No more true with NWN. Running on Gentoo, Neverwinter Nights was laggy as hell, while some benchmark programs (like glxgears) or some other games with relatively heavy load on the graphic card (like ppracer) run quite smoothly. Damn lag. Yes, I know that my video card is just a…

    Display controller: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device

    (as lspci promptly reports) but, until now, I felt satisfied.

Well, if you need me, I’m reading Sigmund Freud‘s work The Psychopathology of Everyday Life (or Zur Psychopathologie des Alltagslebens, if you prefer). Just gimme a call.

See you around.

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Error: unable to connect

Damn it, I’m stuck outside of the Internet for a few days… My ISP is preventing me from connecting until next Friday, when I’ll try to take up again my connectivity. Right now I’m connecting from LabInf

I’ll be back soon

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